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Russian Stand on the International Exhibition ‘OutDoor 2015’ in Germany

By Sergey, 03/24/2016 - 01:00

For a few days, the small city of Friedrichshafen in Southern Germany has turned into a large-scale business ground for outdoor industry representatives from all over the world. The leading producers of extreme sports equipment and camping outfit came to Germany to share experiences, new ideas, and the most advanced technology solutions. The Russian stand of 14 major outdoor producers aroused intense interest among the participants and guests to the exhibition from various countries. Sivera, BASK, RedFox, and Splav companies brought sleeping bags, tents, backpacks, and expeditionary clothing to Friedrichshafen. Faradei presents high-technology shoe models. The Kolomna-based KANAT company and VENTO enterprise showed their safety equipment for mountaineering and rock climbing. For several years, many Russian producers have successfully operated not only in the domestic market, but also on foreign trading platforms.

Over the last two decades, Russian enterprises were substantially upgraded. Today Russian outdoor products are not inferior in quality compared to their Western analogues. At the same time, their prices are a bit lower. Many companies are also successful exporters. VENTO, an official technical partner of the Russian Mountaineering Federation, effectively cooperates with foreign customers. Sivera is also developing European markets. It is rightfully considered to be one of the best expedition equipment manufacturers in the world. Red Fox company has already opened its flagship stores in three parts of the world: Europe, Asia, and America. It is the only partner of Gore-Tex in sportswear production in Russia. For several years, BASK sells high-quality and stylish clothes in Europe, Canada, and other countries. The first Russian microfiber insulation was produced at Ves Mir, non-woven fabric factory in Podolsk. It is also well-known abroad. Foreign manufacturers highly appreciate Russian goose down used for super warm outfit manufacturing. Russian down-feather mixture is considered to be the best because the local birds’ down is very large and resilient as they live in a harsher climate compared to their European and Chinese congeners.

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