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The company was founded in 1992. One of the most experienced companies in the domestic outdoor travel and leisure market, well-known in Russia and abroad. Produces clothes and equipment for travel, mountaineering, extremal sport, polar expeditions etc.

Clothes and equipment for hunting and fishing are made by separate HRT brand.

The base of collection is products for working in the conditions of the hard frosts. The BASK company also produce storm clothes, SoftShell clothes, thermo underwear, Polartec® clothes, accessories, tents, sleeping bags, backpacks and many other things.

The company is based in Moscow, Russian. It has additional offices in Russia, United Kingdom, Canada, Korea, Latvia, Slovenija, Chile, France, New Zealand, India, Moldova, and Romania.

Balaclava Thor Bask Warm

Balaclava from windproof Polartec® Windbloc c additional warming soft knit High Loft.

  • In the chin and neck removable face mask with a hole for easy breathing
  • Adjusting the volume of the cap and mask with Velcro fasteners and cable ties from rubber cord with a clip on the back.
  • Additional insulation in the chin and neck soft-knit High Loft

Balaclava Hrt Thor V2

Helmet mask for hunting and fishing from a fabric Resist Sofshell. The original layout of elements allows operation in a wide range of weather conditions

  • Design features provide high insulation and protection from wind
  • Face protected by a mask with a hole for easy breathing
  • For insulating the chin area, an additional valve
  • Adjusting the sizes Velcro and elastic cord with clips

Balaclava Bask Extra Heat

Anatomical Balaclava designed to protect the head, face, neck organov breath from external effects: UV rays, strong wind,frost, snow sand and dust etc. The main objective of this model is the maintenance of comfort and heat of the head when using llemail helmets. Suitable for a variety of extreme sports, as: downhill skiing, snowboarding, mountaineering, climbing, mountain biking, paintball, karting, motor-cycling, yachting and others.



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