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The company was founded in 1992. One of the most experienced companies in the domestic outdoor travel and leisure market, well-known in Russia and abroad. Produces clothes and equipment for travel, mountaineering, extremal sport, polar expeditions etc.

Clothes and equipment for hunting and fishing are made by separate HRT brand.

The base of collection is products for working in the conditions of the hard frosts. The BASK company also produce storm clothes, SoftShell clothes, thermo underwear, Polartec® clothes, accessories, tents, sleeping bags, backpacks and many other things.

The company is based in Moscow, Russian. It has additional offices in Russia, United Kingdom, Canada, Korea, Latvia, Slovenija, Chile, France, New Zealand, India, Moldova, and Romania.

Bask Workers Gloves Glove

Functional, work gloves insulated with synthetic insulation Primaloft®. Made from neoprene and polyamide with reinforcement-Kevlar, Cordura and synthetic leather. Lined with soft knit.

  • Enhance lateral surfaces of the fingers of Kevlar
  • Gain work surface
  • Cuffs and the back surface of the Neoprene
  • Elastic band for fixing on the wrist harness
  • Shell: Neoprene, Cordura®, Polyamide
  • Inner fabric: soft knit
  • Insulation: Primaloft®

Mittens Mitten Bask Creative V3

Insulated mittens Primaloft® with a membrane Porelle®, winter sports, Hiking or everyday wear. Made of polyester with a reinforcement of their polyurethane and neoprene panels. Protects against cold, wind and snow. The latest version removed the inserts for the fingers inside the gloves.

  • Surface area reinforced with polyurethane
  • Windproof and water-resistant upper material
  • Practical tightening on the wrist
  • Eyelet for attaching to clothing

Gloves Bask Freefly V2

Waterproof gloves with insulation Termolite® with a membrane Porelle® for winter sports, Hiking or everyday wear. Made of polyester with a reinforcement of polyurethane. Elastic cuff neoprene protects from cold, wind and snow.

  • Inner wrist cuff of the Neoprene
  • Work surface is reinforced PU
  • Carabiner clip for attaching to clothing
  • Harness

Gloves-Mittens Windbloc Bask Vary

Warm mittens with a flap and a valve of soft material Polartec® Windbloc 200 with increased contact areas artificial leather. The fingers are closed by the valve and fixed to the magnet, transforming gloves into mittens. Design features allow to carry out in mittens subtle manipulation. A great choice for hunters and fishermen. Can be used both independently and as an extra warming layer.

  • The upper part of the mitten folds and is fixed on the back side.
  • Carabiner clip for attaching to clothing
  • Tie the wrists with rubber band

Gloves Bask Barrier

Durable gloves-vergence of Polartec® NeoShell and strengthening of material SHOLLER with Kevlar fiber for protection against snow, wind and moisture. Allow you to keep dry basic gloves and perform all the necessary manipulations with the equipment and rope.

  • Upper waterproof membrane material
  • Gain from Sholler (Kevlar/PA)
  • Fixation of the wrist is a sling with buckle
  • The tether to the insurance coverage, elastic cord with lock


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