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The company was founded in 1992. One of the most experienced companies in the domestic outdoor travel and leisure market, well-known in Russia and abroad. Produces clothes and equipment for travel, mountaineering, extremal sport, polar expeditions etc.

Clothes and equipment for hunting and fishing are made by separate HRT brand.

The base of collection is products for working in the conditions of the hard frosts. The BASK company also produce storm clothes, SoftShell clothes, thermo underwear, Polartec® clothes, accessories, tents, sleeping bags, backpacks and many other things.

The company is based in Moscow, Russian. It has additional offices in Russia, United Kingdom, Canada, Korea, Latvia, Slovenija, Chile, France, New Zealand, India, Moldova, and Romania.

Cap Cap Hrt Rash

Winter hat for challenging weather conditions. Polartec® 200 is perfectly removes excess moisture, has a breathable properties, that makes it easy to maintain the temperature in the comfort zone even under conditions of high activity.

  • The back of the head and ears insulated from the wind and cold
  • Have the ability to bend the "ears" to the outside

Cap Hrt Dickie

Lightweight down-padded cap, insulated high-quality goose down.

  • Lined warm knit
  • Absolute thermal insulation of the head and neck from wind and cold
  • Strap with Velcro for easy adjustment
  • Visor to protect from rain and snow

Down Beanie Bask Savior

Use this seamless, down beanie made of an Advance® D Tube fabric to keep you warm in cold weather conditions. Best with Chamonix Light jackets, highly compressible, it features a unique Advance® D Tube woven baffle technology to stop the down from migrating and leaking and to cut weight. Highly-packable, it needs minimum storage room. The beanie features an elastic Polartec® Power Stretch brim for snug warmth.


Hat Down Bask Loris

Warm hat "ushanka" made of a membrane fabric, insulated with down naturalremedy designed for use in cold weather on nature or in the city. Top fabric wicks away excess steam prevents the migration of fluff and also protects the down insulation from rain, all the time to stay in working condition.

  • The back of the head and ears insulated from the wind and cold
  • Have the ability to bend the "ears" to the outside
  • Interior trim Hi Loft

Vest Bask Sprint V3

Windproof jacket - irreplaceable thing in any season in the city and in nature. Compact lightweight will selectamatic from wind and hypothermia back, chest, lower back and neck in situations where to wear a jacket will be too. Elastic gores on the sides make imperceptible on the body. Central zipper closed inside vest strap, side and interior pockets will easily fit phone, keys etc. On the armhole of the vest iniso put elastic



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