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Camel Wool Thermal Underwear Shirt L/S

Camel Wool Thermal Underwear Shirt L/S

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Features: Functional underwear from сamel fine wool. Great combination of silky surface, ergonomic and insulating properties, for comfort

  • Moisture-wicking
  • Breathable
  • Durable
  • Quick-drying
  • Mechanical stretch textile for unrestricted mobility
  • Flatlock construction improves next-to-skin comfort
  • Anatomical shaping for fit and comfort
  • Long sleeves
  • Crew neck
  • The fabric has a hypoallergenic properties and is not irritating to the skin


  • 50% Camel Wool. It has excellent thermostatic properties, perfectly controls the moisture and prevents overcooling or overheating
  • 50% polyester


  • XS-S/Long – 200 g (7 oz)


Winter is a time of the holiday anticipation. The sun is reflected in the endless tiny mirrors, trying to compensate the lack of heat with the light. The air is so delicious that it is not possible to breathe deep. So, what about cold .. Cold weather terrifies only those who are not winterized enough.

Thermal underwear made of camel wool, designed for low temperatures, protects from hypothermia and warm even when wool is wet.

It is suitable for hunters, fishers, athletes extremals and urban residents in those (now rare) times when Winter remembers the legendary Russian frosts.

It is well known that at low temperatures there is nothing better than wool, which warms well, allowing the body to breathe.

Camel’s wool, in addition, has a fiber with a hollow structure, which makes such things warmer and lighter than ones made of other animals’ fur.

Animal lanolin wax which is present in large quantities in camel’s wool, increases its density and provides high durability. Furthermore, lanolin neutralizes toxins produced by the body, thus wool does not accumulate odors.

Those polyacrylonitrile (PAN) fiber presenting in the yarn is a synthetic fiber that imitates wool, it retains heat well, increasing the strength and durability of clothing, reducing drying time and making it easier to care for linen.

Anatomical, elongated cut of the thermal underwear allows it to fit close to the body. It increases the advantages of clothes, flat seams do not rub the skin.

Wide knitted cuffs will not miss the cold and do not give the sleeves lift up under the outerwear.