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Insulated Pullover Jacket "Stealth" Primaloft® [Gray]
Insulated Pullover Jacket "Stealth" Primaloft® [Black]
Insulated Pullover Jacket "Stealth" Primaloft®
Insulated Pullover Jacket "Stealth" Primaloft®
Insulated Pullover Jacket "Stealth" Primaloft®
Insulated Pullover Jacket "Stealth" Primaloft®
Insulated Pullover Jacket "Stealth" Primaloft®

Insulated Pullover Jacket "Stealth" Primaloft



Features Primaloft anorak sweater is a perfect warmth-keeping choice for the worlds most extremal conditions.

  • This jacket is lightweight and highly compressible
  • Sleeves and hem are elasticated for better fit
  • Inner protective strap
  • Two zipped hand pockets
  • Perfect for the wet and cold conditions
  • Being more lightweight and compressible than Polartec Thermal Pro jacket, anorak jacket is warmer


  • Outer fabric: TORAY - EVOLUTION 20, 44*22 DTEX NYLON, micro rip-stop Diamond
  • Breathable stats - 0,7 cm3/cm2/sec
  • Fabric weight - 37 g/m2
  • Insulation: Primaloft Silver - 60 g/m2

Dimensions & weight of the product

  • XS-S/short – 245 g (8.6 oz)
  • M-L/regular – 295 g (10.4 oz)
  • XL-2XL/long – 361 g (12.7 oz)
  • Dimensions in packed: 11×15 cm(4"×6" in)


Getting prepared for the challenging hike or long-lasting expedition with a difficult drop you put your backpack on the weights and…

Realizing that there's nowhere to minimize products anymore, the handle of the toothbrush was broken off during your last hike, and you only have a spoon from your personal cookware, with a sigh, you take out the last fleece jacket that you have.

But don’t despair! We can offer you a better option! Warm cozy Stealth anorak with a Primaloft Silver insulation, weight significantly less than a Polartec jackets or knitted sweaters and it could be compressed into a small packing bag.

A long-fiber insulation Primaloft Silver that is used in this jacket weights less than a down, and even though it comes short of the thermal characteristics, it performs better in a wet environment, due to water-repellent and breathable properties, that’s why it dries quickly and keeps you warmeven in the wet state. In addition, Primaloft Silver better than most insulations recovers its volume after frequent washing and drying.

Anorak’s outer fabric: Fabric SOLL N-100% 20D*40D doesn’t contain membrane layer, it is weightless, durable, windproof and is breathable while active movement, that’s why despite the fact that the anorak is conceived as a second – mid-layer of clothing, it can be used as the outer jacket in cold weather.

Lining - very light nylon jackets fabric (36 g / m2)

Anorak, is highly breathable and dries quickly when wet, making it an excellent choice for active people.

Due to the smart cut, anorak does not restrict movement, and keeps you warmunder a storm jacket.

Stealth is especially relevant for cavers, spending most of their lives in the underground camps and for extreme tourists.

Take care advise: Using this jacket as a common outwear, please avoid much physical impact, be careful while using special outfit (such as backpack straps and others)

Warning! Not recommended to keep it compressed for a longtime period

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