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Mittens Tour
Mittens Tour
Mittens Tour
Mittens Tour
Mittens Tour

Mittens Tour

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Warm mittens made of light nylon fabric on a modern high-performance synthetic insulation faux down. The Tour mittens are very compact in transport and quickly restore volume after compression.

In these mittens, you are not afraid of frosts. Very light, warm and cozy, they breathe, repel moisture and keep the wind. The scope of their application goes far beyond city walks.

In the city and on trekking, mittens can be used as basic or complete with tops. In winter hikes, you can also use, as the main and/or as a backup, bivouac gloves, which replace wet and icy running gloves.

  • Lightweight, reliable, water-repellent upper material protects well from the wind.
  • Polyurethane pads on the palm do not slip, allowing you to confidently hold trekking poles or other necessary equipment in your hands.
  • Faux down insulation — light and voluminous. It retains heat well, smokes, does not cause allergies and has excellent compression qualities. A distinctive feature of artificial down is that even when wet, it does not lose its heat-saving properties.
  • Elastic cord with a stop on the cuffs.
  • The inner part of the cuff is rubberized.
  • A small fastex allows you to put the mittens together so that they do not run away during storage and carrying.

Attention! You can not dry mittens on the battery and even more so over the fire.Faux down insulation can change its properties under the influence of high temperatures.