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Suit Winter Camouflage Blot 56-58/182-188
Suit Winter Camouflage Blot
Suit Winter Camouflage Blot
Suit Winter Camouflage Blot
Suit Winter Camouflage Blot
Suit Winter Camouflage Blot
Suit Winter Camouflage Blot
Suit Winter Camouflage Blot
Suit Winter Camouflage Blot
Suit Winter Camouflage Blot

Suit Winter Camouflage Blot

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discontinued, replaced by a winter camouflage Suit "White Moss". An upgraded version of camouflage winter suit with the wishes of the users. Fundamentally the costume has no pockets, instead using the zippered buttoned slits for access to pockets worn under a suit of clothing and equipment. Fit is very loose, subject wear thick winter clothing, body armor and handling systems with pouches. The new model focuses on optimal climatic conditions and masking fabric, simplification of design and increased reliabilityStrength:

  • reasons, the reliability of the whole costume assembled lapped (lock) seams with a chain stitch. All buttons are canadian (band leg)

simplified design

  • the entire suit is sewn in a single layer of fabric. Removed the mesh lining as on the old model, no reinforcing pads on the knees and elbows. This reduces the weight, volume in packaging, and to facilitate drying


  • waistband with sewn wide elastic for additional retention reliability of a cord with a push button controller (if necessary can be removed)
  • cords adjust hood and hem now stretch for more convenience with push-button controls. With the waist adjustment is removed as unnecessary. Lower the cord and the controller, if necessary, completely removable
  • the bottom of the pants and the cuffs of the jacket sewn on elastic waist


  • on the chest at the sides, and two long slanted slots, each canadian fastens with three buttons that allows you to adjust the length and position of the slits in height. They provide free access to pockets of clothing and various types of off-loading platforms – jackets, bibs, pouches RPS
  • pants new models added long slits from the top to the sides, fastened with one button canadian. The slot can be used for access to pockets worn under the ghillie suit trousers, hip platforms (the holsters), etc.


  • jacket fastens with two way zip, top strap with the canadian buttons

Material products (new fabric):

  • quick-Drying 100% polyester, density 125 g/m2
  • Surface with a small fleece, resolves rustling
  • water-Repellent treatment with Teflon Dupont can withstand at least 50 washes, with a reduction in efficiency of approximately 20%
  • Tight weave with a small thickness and weight, so in contrast to many analogues, translucent dark clothes and equipment worn under the dress
  • the Fabric does not harden in the cold
  • unlike the old models and some analogues, has no calendaring or film coating on the underside, as a result, the fabric is breathable and under the suit does not accumulate condensation and excess heat

item Weight:

  • 48-50/170-176 size